Soaring High


Soaring High Ministries is a Non-Denominational Full Gospel, Spirit-Filled Body of Believers. We are affiliated with Soaring High Ministries, Inc., Augusta, Georgia. Our intent is to glorify the Lord – not glamorize Him.  



To remove the bondage of religion, thereby allowing the liberty we have in Yashua (Jesus) The Christ to be fully realized. Proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom through the manifestation of His Sons and Daughters.


Our Church

When asked, “What kind of church is Soaring High Ministries?” I am put in a position to limit us to an existing denominational affiliation, or the all-inclusive and rather vague “non-denominational” category. The truth is that we probably contain elements of many of these previously defined expressions. However, we believe that there is more and that we are not to camp-around any iron-clad positions. To state it plainly, Soaring High is a Five-Fold Ministry.

While most people would struggle to understand what is a five-fold ministry, one would only have to go as far as Ephesians 4:11. This verse reads that Yashua (Jesus) gave to the Ecclesia (Body of Believers), some apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers. He gave these ministry offices to the Ecclesia for the purpose of equipping and perfecting the saints for works of ministry and building up and maturing of the body of Christ. It is my firm belief that each of these ministry offices presents and demonstrates the five-faceted anointing of Yashua (Jesus) The Christ.


What We Beleive

That the Bible is a love letter of instruction and correction, from Yahweh (God the Father), through Holy Spirit, and confirmed by Yashua (Jesus), the Anointed One, to establish the foundation for our lives through a personal relationship

That through the power of Holy Spirit we can break-down the barriers of poverty mindsets, chains of racism, and enhance individual potential regardless of socio-economic background

That Yashua (Jesus) died on a cross, was buried, and resurrected and is now seated at the right hand of the Father.

That the Five-Fold Ministry (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers) is in full effect today

That Yahweh (God) is the same yesterday, today, and forever

That Yahweh (God), Yashua (Jesus) and Holy Spirit can never be fully explained to man’s satisfaction, but can be fully and totally EXPERIENCED by a willing and submissive heart. It is through the anointing of Holy Spirit and the death of Yashua (Jesus) the Christ, that we live, and move, and have our being.



The term “five-fold ministry” is a reference originating from Ephesians 4:11-16. The five-fold gifts: apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher, are the multi-faceted anointing of Christ distributed and presented to the body of Christ for the equipping of the saints for works of ministry.


In Matthew 10:40-42, Christ states, “Whoever receives a prophet, will receive a prophet’s reward. Whoever receives a righteous man, receives a righteous man’s reward.” What reward does the saint receive for embracing the ministry and impartation of each of these offices?

The Characteristics and subsequent rewards for the Christ anointing expressed through the five-fold cannot be defined and exhausted in such limited space. The following descriptions are but a few of the vast benefits of receiving Christ through the gifts given to man.


Apostles are spiritual fathers with a pioneering spirit. They provide an environment for raising sons and daughters. One anointed to govern, correct, discern, and give oversight to the life and work of the body of believers. Apostles see the big picture, the concept of the Kingdom.

Keywords: Govern, father, pioneer, architect, revelation, discernment, foundation

Reward: a well-governed and disciplined life, divine order, identity, and a pioneering spirit


Prophets give spiritual vision, direction, and interpretation. One who foretells. They are instrumental in showing a son and daughter what he or she can look like.

Keywords: Guide, seer, pointer, intercession, revelation

Reward: spiritual guidance, direction, and understanding, no wandering


Teachers are anointed to instruct and ground you in sound doctrine. In light of the apostolic foundation and prophetic purpose, the teacher is responsible for providing an incremental progression to the process of maturation as a son or daughter.

Keywords: Ground, instruct, incremental, mature, tutor

Reward: well-grounded in truth; not tossed to and fro, encouraged to take the next step


Pastors are anointed to shepherd the flock. One who nurtures, feeds, guides, and protects Yahweh’s people. Relative to the evolution of sonship, the pastor comes along side one for the purpose of encouragement, exhortation, and edifying through this transformation.

Keywords: Guard, nurture, feed, comfort, protect, compassionate, exhort, encourage

Reward: well-fed and cared for, protected, encouraged, edified, built-up


Evangelists are anointed to reach-out and gather. One who heralds the good news message of the Kingdom. They reach out to the lost and born again children introducing them to the revelation and possibility of sonship.

Keywords: Gather, herald, preach, proclaim

Reward: Impartation of evangelism, and awareness and love for people and their purpose.


Connecting through God and shared experience.