The Promise of Learning More
What Brought Me Here: The promise of learning more. I want to be a part of a body that is doing the Father’s business and not their own agenda. Why I Stayed: I like what I have been hearing, the presence of the Holy Spirit is here. You are invested in your people. I believe you can propel me forward in Christ.
— Bruce & Soledad McKee
Laura Levin
The Holy Spirit Washed Over Me
What Brought Me Here: I asked my son to bring me because I needed a church home/community. Why I Stayed: The first Sunday I walked through the doors the Holy Spirit washed over me with power. I knew I was Home.
— Valorie Smith
Laura Levin
What Brought Me To Soaring High Ministries
What Brought Me Here: I was looking for a strong church in God’s Word.  Why I Stayed:    The fellowship is very warm and genuine, sincere, real, caring making me stay strong in God’s word!  
— Linda Williams 
Laura Levin